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sunlounger-charles-stackable-teak-garden-furnitureOutdoor garden furniture is the first thing that most visitors will notice at your home when they visit. It also sets the mood and tone of all other decorations that you’ll have around your home.  If you get it wrong at the garden furniture level, then all other decorations and personalized touches will not matter.

The furniture sets the pace and theme of the garden. Extra caution has to be taken in the type of material, designs, and colour you use for your outdoor furniture. Below are some of the important modern living trends.

Types of Trends in Outdoor Garden Furniture

Easy breezy; this is a laid back, vacation vibe-kind of trend. The furniture is seemingly lazy, simple but classy and spacious with mostly linen and rope soft cushions. It has a natural feel to it with minimum technical decorations and open spaces. It has plants suspended by hanging rope, with seats that bring out a beach environment.

Splash of blush; This look is mostly calm and refreshing. The walls are soft and light colored. You can pick Lavender or a delicate pink colour, etc. The furniture is mostly stripped but has a blush of a lighter colour for cushions. There are plants but all in all, it has a naturally soft feel.

Cabana style; This style has a resort-kind of ambiance to it. Even with built-in benches, the couch and supporting furniture like tables, paintings, and stools have cabana style. The cool breezy type of furniture is punctuated by lots of two piece chairs. If you're looking for a Mediterranean feel in your outdoor garden then this is the trend to look for.

Unopiu-garden-furniture-by-FCI-LondonPlush outdoor seating; there is a growing need to incorporate indoor and outdoor furniture for purposes of functionality and convenience. This seating incorporates upholstered seatings like day beds and sofas. Furniture that's fully upholstered is perfectly comfortable like an indoor sofa would be and also conveniently durable like an outdoor furniture would be. The materials are fully water-resistant meant for all types of weather.

Fire pit focal points; This trend is majorly comprised of fire pieces serving as focal points of the design. For example a furnace in the middle of the garden, a table at the centre with a burning furnace (no smoke), and so on. This trend is designed to bring people together in a sitting and extend the amount of chat time you can have outdoors. It is convenient for family, a group of friends having a good time until the wee hours of the night, etc.

Electric materials; Instead of using just one type of material, this trend actually mixes up several of them to give it a variety of settings. The use of organic materials with some wicker or metal, wood, etc then adding the soft couches makes it possible to effect change. Instead of changing up the whole setup, all you have to do is switch up some elements to match the furniture that's completely mixed up already. You can flip a sitting couch, add a metallic table, change the colour or something like that.

In conclusion, FCI London outdoor garden furniture is now cheek and trendy. One can wear many different trends of choice and still have a lavish, classy outdoor garden with admirable furniture.

The most important things to look at when choosing your engagement ring, is the colour, cut, clarity and carat of the stone you are opting for. But these are not the only decisions that you will have to make. Things such as the shape of the stone and its size are also something that can have a big impact on the ring that you choose.


How is the colour of a diamond defined?

Diamonds are graded on a scale from D to Z. Diamonds that are graded at D have no colour and are the most sought-after therefore the most expensive diamonds. Diamonds great at Z have a light yellow colour. They’re all the time and available on the market that comes in unusual colours like blue, yellow and pink.

What does the cut of a diamond mean?

They cut up time and refers to the way a diamond is caught by the jeweller to increase the amount it sparkles. If the diamond is cut properly it will easily reflect light internally as well as externally.

What does the clarity of a diamond mean?

When it timing crystallises under the earth's crust, there can be slight imperfections that are created within it. These are known as inclusions and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Do you know who uses a microscope to locate any inclusions, which are part of most diamonds?

What is a carat?

A carat Is used to describe the weight of the stone or stones that are being fitted in to ring your ring. As a general rule the higher the carat of the stone the bigger it will look and the higher the price tag of the ring.

Other things to consider:

It is not essential that you have a diamond as the main stone in your wedding ring. Princess Diana famously opted for a blue sapphire instead of a diamond. When opting for a different store, the same rules apply as above.

It is also important to make sure that the setting of the ring is one you love. Would you prefer one big solitaire stone or a cluster? Are prongs going to annoy you or look too dated? All these questions are important to answer when picking your brain as it will be parts of your outfit for the rest of your life.