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Euro Truck Simulator 2 | Online Gaming

Guys, I know as soon as you see this post, you will make fun of me. Don’t. This is by far the BEST driving simulator out there. The best part? It’s free…..kinda. The game is currently selling at $40 on their website. However, I downloaded the free demo, and spent countless hours just playing the demo. Honestly I really have no clue what limitation I have with the free demo at this website link.


Game Play

Surprising to me, the game play is phenomenal. It seems surreal! Although I only use keyboard and mouse to play instead of my GT Driving Force Wheel, I enjoy it so much that It makes me feel like I am a Texas truck driver or a Ice road trucker. The game also feature a in-game radio streaming, however they are all European channels. I was home sick during Xmas week, I had the option of either going to sleep and get some rest, or delivery 2 farmers’ tractors from Newcastle, England to Amsterdam, Holland. The choice was clear to me. It’s an 18 hour drive, but in game it’s about 45 min to an hour. I started off in Newcastle country side, and went to a gas station to fill up before the long road trip. Then I drove all the way to the port and took a ship to Holland, and finished up with another 2 in game hour drive to my destination. After I got the money for the job, of course I took another job that will get me back to Liverpool, England. I just kept on trucking. And I tell you what, there is no better feeling than trucking in a English country side listening to Adele’s Skyfall on a Russian radio station. (Not sure if it’s Russian, sounded like it)

The game is so realistic that it assumes you are a trucker. You started out with jobs that provide you with a truck, working for the man. Then you receive an email from the bank saying “YOU ARE APPROVED”. Fuck yea I am borrowing max money to buy my own truck. Yes, even in a video game, I am in debt. But I was free! I had my own truck! After you earned enough, you could own multiple trucks and hired other bottom feeders to do the job for you. Yes, I became the 1% trucker. You shut up and start working for me!

Replay Value 

Being this is a single player simulation game, replay value is going to be low unless you have no friends like me. This game will make you wake up on a Saturday, get your cup of coffee, and start trucking.


Bottom Line:

It’s god damn free damn it. Go download the demo right now and start playing, or you will miss the best simulator game out there.


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